Spiritual Deception Matters

A.  JCRC-NY Information

1.  Our information focuses on two fronts.

A. Destructive Groups (Cults) – Definitions and Concerns (PDF)

B.  Hebrew Christians – Definitions, List of Major Groups, Misrepresentations, etc. ((PDF)

2.  The following shows:

The unified voice of the Jewish community regarding missionaries who target vulnerable Jews
The support from other faith communities

3.  Brochures on Hebrew-Christians

B.  Other Organizations – Resources

Articles on Isaiah 53
Aish.com    Jews for Judaism    Outreach Judaism

Jewish Board of Family & Children Services – Cult Clinic & Hotline
A nonsectarian facility staffed by trained mental health professional to help families and individuals affected by destructive cult/groups. It provides a 24 hour Hotline, crisis intervention and long and short term counseling for former members and families.

Jews for Judaism
An international organization which provides a wide variety of education and outreach programs to enable Jews to rediscover and/or strengthen their Jewish heritage, spirituality as well as learn how to counter Hebrew-Christian missionaries and deal with destructive cults/groups.

Judaism’s Answers
A site dedicated to strengthening Judaism, and providing Jews with answers to questions they have about Judaism and Jewish beliefs. It covers such topics as: Torah Judaism, Chassidus/Jewish Spirituality and Apologetics-Counter Missionary information.

Outreach Judaism
An international organization which responds directly to the issues raised by missionaries by exploring Judaism in contradistinction to fundamentalist Christianity.

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