The Investment Justification (IJ): Applicant Information

I. Applicant Information. (JCRC tips are in italic letters). This section asks for the following:

    • Legal Name of the Organization
    • Physical Address of the Facility to include the City and/or County Name. (e.g., 123 Main St. New York, NY)
    • Year the Original Facility was Constructed. NYC applicants wishing to search for this information should click here. Enter your address on the left of the screen, click on “Show additional information” and then on “Building and Property Information”. The “Year built” is shown.
    • Organization Type (Short description of organization’s ideology, beliefs and mission)
      This is a competitive grant. One of the factor that will be considered is, “Identification and substantiation of prior threats or attacks (from within or outside the U.S.) by a terrorist organization, network, or cell against the applicant based on their ideology, beliefs, or mission.”Base your answer on your own mission statement (which you are required to submit), but make clear the elements of your ideology, beliefs and mission that might lead your organzation to be at high risk of terrorist attack.

      • Eligible nonprofit organizations must include a copy of their organization’s Mission Statement to be considered for FY 2016 NSGP funding. In New York, the Mission statement should be titled with your organization’s name and the words “Mission Statement”.
      • The NY State judges will use the Mission Statement along with information provided in the applicant’s IJ in order to validate the organization type. The organization type can make a difference since the federal judges weight the final scores:
        • By a factor of three for nonprofit groups that are at a high risk of terrorist attacks due to their ideology, beliefs, or mission;
        • By a factor of two for medical and educational institutions; and
        • By a factor of one for all other nonprofit organizations.
      • The state judges are instructed: “Recognizing the impact an organization’s ideology, beliefs, or mission may have on their risk of potential terrorist threats, the judges must use the Mission Statement along with information provided in the applicant’s Investment Justification in order to validate the organization type when preparing the state Prioritization Tracker.

Examples of your brief description could be (select bracketed material as it applies to your organization):

School or yeshiva. {My organization} is a {Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Hasidic} school with the mission to provide our students in grades {Pre-K through 12} with a secular and religious education {based on the Torah and rabbinic teachings}and consistent with our traditional beliefs. We are proud Americans with a millenia-old connection to the land of Israel and we pray daily for the safety and security of the people there, as well as for Jews around the world.

Jewish community center. Our programs and services reflect the richness of the Jewish Community Center and Settlement House traditions. Deeply rooted in Jewish traditions and values and committed to fostering Jewish continuity and civic engagement. We provide a wide range of exemplary educational, recreational, preventive and rehabilitative health, vocational, cultural, citizenship, Jewish identity-building and human service programs to meet the evolving strengths, needs and interests of the rich mosaic of people in {your community} We are proud to be the key Jewish agency in {your community} and our Jewish identity programs work to connect our constituents, of all ages, to their Jewish heritage and to foster in them a love for Israel.

  1. 501(c)(3) Number (Use your organization’s EIN in this slot. If your organization has any bank accounts or any employees, it has an EIN)
  2. Dun and Bradstreet Number (must be current and valid. Click here for information on how to obtain a DUNS number)
  3. FY 2014 Urban Area (New York City Area. Note: the New York City Area includes NYC, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester. Only organizations sited in the listed areas are eligible to apply. If you are not sure check with the appropriate official in your state.)
  4. FY 2014 UASI NSGP Federal Funding Request (the estimated cost of equipment and training for your project, up to the grant maximum: $75,000).
  5. FY 2014 UASI NSGP Total Project Cost (usually the same as the funding request, but if your project will cost more than $75,000 list the total cost. The overage is your “voluntary match”)
  6. Any Current Contract with DHS Yes/No – if yes, please describe (For most applicants the answer is “No”. If you are currently completing a NSGP security grant project do not list it here. This is for organizations participating in other grant programs.)
  7. Investment Phase-New or ongoing New

This section is not scored, but failing to provide the required information could lead to the disqualification of your application.

(You are limited to a maximum of 1,500 characters, not including spaces in this section.)

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