We Are All New York (WAANY)

The We Are All New York Fellowship is a 10-month leadership development program of The Center for Community Leadership, the intergroup relations department of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRC-NY). Founded in 2008 and currently boasting over 570 alumni, this professional development and networking program is geared towards strengthening NYC’s community leaders, agencies, and the city as a whole. The Fellowship annually convenes a group of emerging government, nonprofit, and faith-based professional leaders who have different backgrounds and perspectives. Through monthly skill-building seminars led by subject matter experts, Fellows learn how they can build sustainable partnerships in their communities and become empowered as change agents to strengthen New York City. Through a community-focused grant, Fellows collectively choose and give back to a cause that is impacting communities in New York City.

The We Are All New York Fellowship connects professionals with fellow leaders and experts in the nonprofit, faith, government and community arenas. Through 10 months of professional and community development training sessions and group activities, Fellows will achieve the following objectives:

  • Leadership & Professional Skills: Strengthen nonprofit professional skills and gain a better understanding of personal leadership style
  • Partnership Building: Improve ability to establish meaningful relationships and sustainable partnerships with other the diverse civic, ethnic, faith, and communal leaders of New York City
  • Community Awareness: Increase awareness of existing communities, cultures, and agencies in New York City, as well as the issues they face Professional Use of Self: Improve understanding and awareness of one’s role within their organization and effectively use one’s knowledge and skills
  • Cultural Humility: Increase awareness and appreciation of diversity within the communities of New York City, and understand how to utilize this diversity as an asset to one’s self, agency, community, and the city as a whole
  • Networking: Have the ability to engage with the Fellowship network – comprised of Fellows, alumni and other JCRC-NY community partners – as common issues of concern and crisis arise throughout the city in order to effectively find solutions together

Alumni of We Are All New York have been empowered to become founders of nonprofit organizations, to run for public office, and form coalitions to strengthen communities as a result of their participation in the Fellowship. Additionally, recognizing the success of this model in building successful diverse community partnerships, the Jewish community in Sydney, Australia has replicated the program.

2021-2022 Fellows.  Read more about the 2021-2022 Fellows HERE.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact Alyssa Hartstein.