Russian Speaking Outreach

Russian-Speaking Jews are more than 20% of the Jewish population
in JCRC-NY’s eight county catchment area.

The most recent wave of immigration from the former Soviet Union, which began in the late 1960s and continues today, brought hundreds of thousands of Jews to the New York area.

The term Russian-Speaking covers the emigres whose common language is Russian, but it is not a monolithic community.  Rather, there are several ethnic groups within this language community: Ashkenazi (European), Bukharian, Mountain Jews and Georgian Jews.

The Russian-Speaking Jewish community has quickly become a vital and vibrant part of Jewish life in New York having created numerous organizations, schools and synagogues.  A key goal of the emigres is integration into the mainstream Jewish community. Many have attained leadership positions in long-established Jewish organizations and have participated in the highest levels of communal life.

Unique to this community, virtually every Russian-Speaking Jewish immigrant has close family members and friends in Israel, Europe and the former Soviet Union.  Because of these close connections, we are able to work together on a wide range of issues including Israel-related advocacy and activism, educational and cultural events, community building, security, etc.

JCRC-NY’s activities with the Russian-Speaking community include:

  • Working with and providing guidance to Russian-Speaking Jewish organizations in New York, Israel and the former Soviet Union countries
  • Helping to organize the different communities to participate in public events such as the Celebrate Israel Events sand  rallies and actions in support of Israel
  • Holding briefings for Russian media on American, Jewish and Israeli issues
  • Co-sponsoring events with Russian-Speaking organizations
  • Connecting with Israel’s Russian-Speaking elected officials
  • Monitoring anti-Semitic activities in the former Soviet Union countries

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