Community Security Initiative

Community Security Initiative

Project of UJA Federation of NY and JCRC-NY

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The purpose of this CSI monthly newsletter is to inform community institutional leadership, in a non-technical way, of the nature of the risks they face in cyberspace. Our goal is to keep you up to date on the latest threats and to guide you to best practices. As subject matter experts, we can decipher the jargon and inform you how to best spend your funds to protect your organization.

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The Community Security Initiative, a joint program of UJA-Federation and JCRC-NY, distributes security alerts, timely security and cyber security information and security grant announcements. We do not share our lists.

Upgrade Your Institution’s Security

Meet with your regional security director. Contact the CSI Team:

Mitchell Silber – Executive Director CSI,
212-983-4800, ext. 127

Regional Directors

Queens – Seth Goodstein,
212-983-4800, ext. 103

Long Island – Liron Filiby,
516-433-0433, ext. 104

Brooklyn – Adam Berish,
212-983-4800, ext. 105

Manhattan/Staten Island – Terry Byrne,
212-983-4800, ext. 129

Westchester/Bronx – Bill Hayes,
212-983-4800, ext. 106

Rockland – Ethan Erlich,
212-983-4800, ext. 107

Or click the button below to make a request for a physical security assessment:

CSI provides both Active Threat Training as well as other types.

Cyber Security Assistance