THE CENTER for COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP runs programs geared towards training the next few generations of communal and civic leaders in the New York area. The programs range from high school students to current mid-level non-profit organizational professionals.

Women in Faith
This program brings together professional women of different faiths and spiritual practices to gain understanding about each other and the role faith plays in their lives. Program participants come together through facilitated dialogue and learn to gain competence in listening and conversing with those different from themselves. They learn: to address the issue of differences challenging the world; gain greater understanding and experience of other faith traditions; and deepen their own faith through gaining an understanding of the role it plays in their lives and in the country. As a culmination of the Women in Faith Fellowship, participants engage in a service project of their creation built around a common issue of concern.

We are All New York – WAANY
This is a 10-month professional development and networking program for non-profit, faith, government, and community leaders throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The WAANY Fellowship is dedicated to advancing New York City’s diverse leaders and empowering them to become change agents to strengthen their communities and the city at large. Through their shared experiences and participation in the WAANY Fellowship, fellows come to understand that through building, broadening, and strengthening ethnic, cultural, and religious ties in NYC they can work together to affect positive change in their communities. Ultimately, the fellows become strong leaders and bring back valuable lessons to their communities, their organizations, and help to build a more cohesive city.

YouthBridge-NY is a leadership development program which convenes and trains young people to meet the challenges of an extremely diverse New York City. YouthBridge-NY is devoted to improving the atmosphere of respect and diversity in our City, the schools and community organizations in which our youth leaders live and learn. YouthBridge-NY youth leaders are proactively involved in the leadership and diversity landscape of our City and are dedicated to improving the quality of life for all.

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