Israel & International Affairs

JCRC-NY works to ensure broad-based support among New Yorkers for Israel as a national home for the Jewish people and as a democratic state. We work to foster understanding and appreciation for the Jewish community’s relationship with Israel, and to increase knowledge, exposure, and support for Israel among diverse groups of New Yorkers.

To achieve our goals, we facilitate and provide the following initiatives:

Study Tours to Israel

Participants in JCRC-NY’s Study Tours to Israel (formerly known as Missions), which have been on-going for over two decades, have included over 1,500 elected and appointed public officials, ethnic and faith leaders, human services agency professionals, business and union leaders and journalists.

The Study Tours’ itineraries provide participants with first-hand knowledge and experiences of the complex reality of the State of Israel. The participants are able to then convey to other New Yorkers the challenges Israel faces as it seeks to achieve a lasting peace with its neighbors.

Rapid Response

We are a relied upon resource for rapid response policy and advocacy questions amongst our elected officials, community leaders, faith leaders, and faculty networks. We conduct mass community mobilization in times of crises and to oppose campaigns to delegitimize the right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state. Click here to contact our team with questions.

Scholars as Bridge Builders

Scholars as Bridge Builders provides university and college faculty and administrators with ongoing opportunities for nuanced discussion about Israel and interaction with Israelis and Palestinians. These constructive discussions are created through study tours to Israel and the West Bank, workshops and courses on campus, academic roundtable discussions with Israeli and Palestinian speakers, and ongoing consultative support.

Resilient Cities Program

The Resilient Cities Program bridges New York and Tel Aviv urban experts and municipal leadership for a joint learning process to address civil society and modern-day urban challenges, and establish relationships with New York’s Jewish community.

Israel and International Affairs Webinars

Join us in meaningful dialogue and education about Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and international affairs.

For more information on Israel, take a look at our resources page, or contact our team.

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