Shared Society

Shared Society


Community UpLink is a weekly newsletter bringing together New York by publishing timely news and events from diverse ethnic, religious and racial groups to keep all informed and sharing up-to-date information to improve our quality of life.

The Center for Community Leadership is JCRC-NY’s Shared Society and Community Building Division

New York City is home to residents who have come from more than 100 nations around the globe and speak over 150 languages, and nearly 40% were born outside the United States. This demographic diversity is one of the City’s greatest strengths, but can often be the source of its toughest challenges — including competition for limited resources, hate crimes, and uncivil debate fueled by stereotypes and misperceptions about “the other.” It is important that there is a civil network for communities to thrive where all stakeholders understand each other and work together. The Center for Community Leadership creates and assists the growth of community-based initiatives and runs leadership training programs in the complex world of New York’s new diversity.


  • Empowers the communal leadership of New York’s diverse communities
  • Incubates initiatives to create leadership networks for solving common problems
  • Informs and trains youth and professionals about the complex needs of the New Diversity
  • Works to improve relationships in communities between the long-time and new residents
  • Identifies, mentors, and teaches emerging leaders in New York City’s communities