Academic Study Tours to Israel

Scholars as Bridge Builders
Exploring the Role of the Academia in the Israeli Context

This seven-day Study Tour to Israel and he Palestinian Territories is a key component of the Faculty Engagement Program.  Each Study Tour takes about fifteen (15) faculty members to Israel, mainly from the Social Sciences and Humanities departments of NYC colleges and universities. The Study Tours are designed to familiarize faculty members with Israel and explore the roles that higher education, specifically faculty members, can play in community relations and peace building. Additionally, the Study Tours promote relationships between participants and Israeli scholars and experts.

Each Study Tour is organized with a specific academic focus.
The itineraries and meetings are designed according to the selected themes and this enables easier and more direct professional interactions between the participants and the experts they meet. Selected themes have included: peacebuilding and peacemaking, the environment and urban planning in conflict zones, education for peace and more.

Groups meet with leading scholars, high level journalists, and public figures. Participants are able to gain a deeper understanding of the complex socio-political reality in Israel and the role that higher education plays and can play int it. It familiarizes participants with the region’s academic scene, features visits to universities and think tanks, hosts networking activities with Israeli colleagues, as well as tours of major points of strategic interest as well as holy and cultural sites. The groups travel around the entire country including major sites and cities such as Tel Aviv, Haifa, East and West Jerusalem, Ramallah, Akko, Sderot, Jaffa, Masada, and the Dead Sea.

Our Fifth Study Tour will be in March 2018.
Accepting Application until Dec. 31, 2017
For more information contact:  Dr. Shahar Sadeh

Past Speakers/Meetings have Included:
Professor Nazmi al-Ju’beh, Birzeit University; Shaul Arieli; Zohar Avitan, Director, Pre Academic Center, Sapir College; Karen Lee Bar-Sinai, Director and Co-Founder, SAYA; Riman Barakat, CEO and Founder, Experience Palestine; Dr. Tal Becker, Deputy Legal Advisor of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Aluf Benn, Editor in Chief, Haaretz; Professor Naomi Chazan, Dean of Politics and Social Studies, College of Tel Aviv, MK Meretz ; Arch. Efrat Cohen-Bar, Planners for Planning Rights (NGO); Munther Suleiman Dajani Doudi, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Al-Quds University; Professor Dov Dvir, President, Western Galilee College; EcoPeace Middle East; Yishai Flesisher, Arutz 7; Elie Friedman; MK Yehuda Glick, Temple Mount Movement; Dr. Merav Moshe Grodofsky, Head of the Department of Social Work, Sapir College; Professor Benny Harry, NYU-Tel Aviv Global Center; Ir Amim; Uri Laventer-Roberts, Executive Director, UJA-Federation of New York – Israel Office; Dani Livni, Expert in International Environmental Law and Water Law; Professor Yossi Leshem, Tel Aviv University; Dr. Dan Livney; Dr. Elisheva Machlis, Truman Institute for the Study of Peace, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Mr. Bashar Masri, Founder & Manager of the company that was created to build Rawabi; Dr. Nir Mualam, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion; Dr. Rami Nasrallah, Founder & Head, IPCC (International Peace and Cooperation Center); Dr. Nissim Otmazgin, Chair of the Department of East Asian Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Malka Greenberg Raanan; Professor Dan Rabinowitz, Head of the Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University; Pnina Radai, Olim Beyachad; Dr. Raanan Rein, Vice President, Tel Aviv University; Alon Schuster, Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council; Professor Raphael Semiat, Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Technion; Danny Shapiro, Director, Public Affairs & Resource Development at the Technion; Dr. Khalil Shikaki, Director of Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research; Professor Yitchak Shnel, Tel Aviv University; Dr. Ian Stern, Archaeologist; Einat Wilf, Former Member of Knesset and Israeli Politician; Yad Vashem; Professor Omri Yadlin, President, Sapir College; Professor Yossi Yona, Israeli Academic and Member of Knesset; Professor Zvi Ziegler, Faculty of Mathematics, Technion; Chef Nir Zook


  • “…The tour as a whole is extremely well designed, conceptualized, coordinated, and executed. It has been a transformative experience; I am still slowly processing the vast amount of information that I have absorbed during the trip and have begun integrating my experience in Israel into my teaching.”
  • “…The mission of the trip is very important. More academics from the U.S. and perhaps even from Europe need to be on trips like this. What I was very impressed with was this was not a trip to whitewash any of the important and difficult issues…it was well suited for academic sensibilities and gave each of us a frame of reference for further critical inquiry…”
  • “…This trip inspired me to want to be a bridge builder. I will be following up with the Israeli scholars I met…and hope to collaborate with them…”

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