Faculty Engagement Program

Program Overview

JCRC-NY’s Faculty Engagement Program was launched in November 2014 to promote discussions about Israel among college and university faculty in the New York metropolitan area. Since its inception, the program has engaged over 825 NYC faculty members in its various activities, creating a network of individuals willing to be part of these important discussions.

We recognize the value of cultivating relationships with faculty members and creating nuanced discussions on issues that, more often than not, stand at the core of public discourse inside and outside campuses. Through our Academic Panels/Roundtables with Israeli and Palestinian speakers, Courses, Workshops, and Seminars, and Academic Study Tours to Israel, this program brings discussions about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the campuses, taking into account the many complexities of the subject. We work to proactively create programs on the most complicated and conflicting issues related to Israel as we believe those can positively change the current discourse which is, at times, toxic and unintentionally limits free inquiry and academic freedom.


For more information contact: Dr. Shahar Sadeh, Director, Faculty Engagement Program