Study Tours to Israel for Community Leaders

Intense Fact-Finding Trips for New York Opinion Makers

JCRC-NY’s Study Tours to Israel (formerly known as Missions), which has been on-going for over two decades, has included among its participants over 500 elected and appointed public officials, ethnic and faith leaders, human services agency professionals, business and union leaders and journalists.

The Study Tours’ itineraries provide participants with first-hand knowledge and experiences of the complex reality of the State of Israel. The participants are able to then convey to other New Yorkers the challenges Israel faces as it seeks to achieve a lasting peace with its neighbors.

Watch/read full testimonials and news coverage:

2023 Solidarity Missions for Elected Officials and Faith Leaders:
 Queens Borough President Donovan Richards and Sheikh Musa Drammeh
The Forward
Queens Jewish Link
2018 Community Leaders Mission:  Alexandra Ruiz, Founder, Immigrant Advancement Matters 
2018 NYS Assembly Mission:  Hon. Marcos Crespo, NYS Assembly Member 
2017 NYC Council Mission:  Hon. Paul Vallone, NYC Council Member 

Study Tour Participants:

  • Meet with top government ministers and opposition figures, as well as Jewish and Arab community leaders and journalists
  • Visit innovative cultural, communal, and educational institutions, including UJA-Federation New York sponsored social service programs
  • Explore Christian, Moslem, and Jewish holy sites
  • Visit, in coordination with the Israel Defense Forces, strategic locales such as the Golan Heights, Sderot, and the Security Barrier.

The deep relationship between New York State and the State of Israel has a long history. As the American state with the largest Jewish population, there is great interest and concern in New York regarding developments which impact on Israel’s safety, security and viability. In addition, New York’s very diverse population makes Israel central to not only the Jewish faith, but also to Christianity and Islam. Further, there are active commercial ties between New York and Israel in a wide range of industries. Indeed, the green light recently given to the Cornell-Technion Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island highlights the growing academic ties between New York and the State of Israel.

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