JCRC-NY Statement on Ben & Jerry’s Ending West Bank Ice Cream Sales

Monday, July 19, 2021


At its core, Ben and Jerry’s decision to end ice cream sales in the West Bank is a misguided capitulation to the demands of the insidious BDS movement.  While masquerading as a movement for peace and justice, BDS ultimately seeks to eradicate Israel, the world’s only Jewish and democratic state, and deny the rights of Jewish people to self-determination.  The acquiescence to this stance by its parent company, Unilever, is equally troubling.

The New York Jewish community overwhelmingly opposes the BDS movement and supports the existence of Israel.  As such, JCRC-NY urges Unilever to reject this decision, to disavow the BDS movement and to invest in programs that bring Israelis and Palestinians together to build an atmosphere of peace and cooperation.  Peace will only be achieved through dialogue, not boycotts.


Cheryl Fishbein                        Gideon Taylor

President                                 Executive Vice President and CEO



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