Jewish Communal Affairs

JCRC-NY strives to create a more connected Jewish community in New York. We aim to be a common table for New York Jews. We recognize the need to build bridges and cultivate understanding among diverse groups within the Jewish community, such that all Jews feel a sense of responsibility for one another and see their destinies as inherently linked. Recent initiatives to count the Jewish community in the 2020 census, ensure COVID-19 vaccine distribution, and Get Out the Vote and Ranked Choice Voting Education are just a few examples of issues JCRC-NY has promoted across the Jewish community.

JCRC-NY creates opportunities for diverse groups of Jews to work together on a common agenda through the Jewish Leadership Forum (JLF). JLF convenes about 20 young leaders already on the senior leadership teams of their agencies to build understanding amongst diverse Jewish communities in New York City, and ultimately relationships that can benefit the Jewish community for the next quarter century.

JCRC-NY finds opportunities for New York Jews to celebrate our shared culture and history. The annual Celebrate Israel Parade is one of the hallmark programs of JCRC-NY and is truly the one day where the Jewish community puts its differences aside and marches together to celebrate Israel and all of its accomplishments.

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Other programs through which JCRC-NY achieves these goals are:

Celebrate Israel

For the Parade’s many Marching Groups, Cluster Groups and Floats, the Parade is a culmination of a year-long Israel educational effort using a creative theme. Each Group or Float works with the Parade staff to develop a creative presentation with colorful banners, costumes and props in a show of unity and pageantry. Learn more.

Jewish Heritage NY

JHNY promotes year-round celebrations highlighted by New York Jewish Heritage Week and the national Jewish American Heritage Month

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For over 30 years, LAJO has focused on the legal and fiscal health of our Jewish community’s nonprofit and religious organizations. Learn more.