May 06, 2020

“Making Masks and Unmasking Ourselves” – Women in Faith Zoom Report & News Coverage

April 29, 2020:   The Women in Faith Fellowship, a program of the Jewish Community
Relations Council of New York, in partnership with The New York Board of Rabbis, hosted, over
Zoom, “Making Masks and Unmasking Ourselves” to connect and protect the communities we
share. In the time of social distancing, over 45 men and women from various streams of
Christianity, Judaism and Islam made needed masks and unmasked the stereotypes we have of
the other. The gathering provided a unique opportunity to engage in dialogue, exploring how
their faith and the faith of the other are addressing the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic
has placed on our lives. In the words of one of the participants, “I know what my community is
doing but to hear it multiplied through so many other communities was really inspiring.”

News coverage:

CBS Channel 2 News Story

WOMEN IN FAITH brings together women of different faiths and spiritual practices to discover commonalities and honor differences, building deep and sustained connections across cultures, ages, professions and social strata. Through the fellowship, participants come to understand each other and the role of faith in their lives, and hone skills for listening generously with open curiosity and speaking in ways that honor the inherent dignity of others, creating positive changes in our communities.

For more information, contact Program Director Rabbi Melinda Zalma.