January 02, 2020

Program in Cadman Plaza Park

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UJA Federation’s recap with list of participating organizations

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Bari Weiss on New York march against anti-Semitism

 ABC News

10,000 march across Brooklyn Bridge to protest spike in anti-Semitic attacks

Fox News

Religious, political leaders join thousands in solidarity march against anti-Semitism after string of attacks

CBS News
Thousands march across Brooklyn Bridge in support of Jewish community


Thousands March In N.Y. After Anti-Semitic Attacks


Thousands Of Marchers Show Solidarity With New York’s Jewish Community


Thousands March Across Brooklyn Bridge in Support of Jewish Community


Thousands Take Part In Jewish Solidarity March Across Brooklyn Bridge


Thousands Take Part in NYC March to Support Jewish Community


Thousands march across Brooklyn Bridge in support of Jewish community

CBSN New York

Thousands March Across Brooklyn Bridge For Anti-Hate Rally In Support Of Jewish Community

1010 WINS

No Hate No Fear rally in BK today… a charter bus from NYC

Associated Press

Solidarity march against anti-Semitism, acts of hate

Associated Press Images

NYC: No Hate, No Fear Solidarity March Against Anti-Semitism

Canadian Jewish News

 Getty Images

Jewish Solidarity March Held In Response To Rise In Anti-Semitism


Thousands march in New York City against anti-Semitism in wake of attacks


Matisyahu Performs At NYC Jewish Solidarity March


NY: No Hate No Fear Solidarity March

 New York Times

Solidarity March Against Anti-Semitism: Thousands Rally After Attacks

Wall Street Journal

New York State Will Spend $45 Million for Protection at Religious Schools and Institutions

USA Today

March against anti-Semitism draws estimated 25,000 to New York City streets: `No Hate, No Fear’

Washington Post

Jewish solidarity march in New York draws thousands in wake of anti-Semitic attacks

New York Post

Thousands join NYC Jewish solidarity march amid spate of anti-Semitic attacks

New York Daily News

De Blasio decried ‘anti-Semitism crisis’ on eve of massive NYC solidarity march against spate of local and global hate crimes targeting Jews

New York Daily News

‘Amazing show of support and solidarity:’ 20,000march against hate following anti-Semitic attacks

New York Daily News

‘No Hate No Fear’ Solidarity March for Jewish Communities in NYC


Thousands march across Brooklyn Bridge to protest anti-Semitic attacks in NY


Close to 20,000 march across Brooklyn Bridge against anti-Semitism



 The Hill

Thousands take to New York streets in solidarity after anti-Semitic attacks


Thousands March in NY to Support Jewish Community Following Wave of Anti-Semitic Attacks

Daily Beast

Thousands March Against Anti-Semitism in NYC


‘An Attack Against All Jews Is an Attack Against all New Yorkers’ — Thousands March in Solidarity in NYC


‘We Stand As One’: Thousands March Across Brooklyn Bridge To Denounce Anti-Semitism

 Daily Mail

More than 10,000 protesters march from Manhattan to Brooklyn in display of solidarity with the Jewish community amid spate of violent anti-Semitic attacks in New York

 Times Union

Cuomo touts $45M for security at solidarity march

 North Jersey

Thousands to march across Brooklyn Bridge to protest anti-Semitic attacks

Jewish Week

25,000 People March Against Anti-Semitism In New York City

Times of Israel

New Yorkers flock to massive rally against anti-Semitism in wake of attacks

Times of Israel

In wake of anti-Semitic attacks, Jewish groups to hold solidarity march in NY


Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, a crowd sings, argues and protests anti-Semitism


Photos from New York’s “No Fear, No Hate”

Jewish Press

Warning: AOC Will Vilify Trump at Mainstream Jewish Rally Against Anti-Semitism

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Hundreds gather in Jerusalem for solidarity rally with New York’s march against anti-Semitism

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

25,000 march against anti-Semitism in New York City

The Jerusalem Post


Address by Chaskel Bennett at the No Hate-No Fear Rally


Thousands March in Solidarity Following Anti-Semitic Attacks


25,000 people march against hate and fear in New York, saying ‘you’ve got to speak up’

 From JNS

                Israel Hayom

 Jewish Insider

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge to stand up against antisemitism, hate and fear

Jewish Insider

The full text of Bari Weiss’s address to the “No Hate, No Fear” march

The Jewish Voice

25K Join NYC Solidarity March Against Anti-Semitism; Marchers Cross Bklyn Bridge

 Cleveland Jewish News

New Yorkers greet Clevelanders with warm welcome at ‘No Hate. No Fear.’ march

 Black Christian News

More Than 10,000 Protesters March From Manhattan to Brooklyn in Display of Solidarity With the Jewish Community Amid Spate of Violent Anti-Semitic Attacks in New York

 World Israel News

Watch Live: Massive New York Rally Against Anti-Semitism

Pick up from Associated Press “Solidarity march against anti-Semitism, acts of hate”:

  • Yahoo News

Solidarity march against anti-Semitism, acts of hate

  • MSN

Solidarity march against anti-Semitism, acts of hate

  • Fox 5 Online

NYC solidarity march against anti-Semitism, acts of hate

  • WABC online

Solidarity march supports NYC Jewish community against anti-Semitism, acts of hate

Remaining pick-up can be seen (138) here.


Tens of thousands march against anti-Semitism and hate in New York

Arutz Sheva

New York: Over 25,000, including officials, marched in solidarity with Jewish community

Channel 11 (KAN TV) (Hebrew)

Channel 13 TV (Hebrew)

 Israel Hayom (Hebrew)

Ynet (Hebrew) News Brief,7340,L-5654597,00.html

Ynet (Hebrew) Full report,7340,L-5654601,00.html

Kipa (Hebrew)

Jerusalem rally


No Hate. No Fear: Thousands March In New York and Jerusalem to End anti-Semitism

The Jerusalem Post

Hundreds rally in Jerusalem against antisemitism

The Jerusalem Post

Thousands to march in NY, Jerusalem against antisemitism on Sunday

Arutz Sheva

Hundreds rally in solidarity with ‘No Hate No Fear’ march

Kipa (Hebrew)

Channel 20 (Hebrew)

Ynet (Hebrew),7340,L-5654392,00.html