Organization Assessment Intake To-do List

Remember, no assessments will be scheduled until we receive four items:

  1. Checklist. Fill in the Pre-assessment checklist form below and click “Send” to submit it electronically;
  2. Contract. We require that every organization review and sign a contract. If you can’t find the copy of the contract that we sent you may download another one:
  3. Certificates of Insurance. Request two Certificates of Insurance each naming one of the following as additional named insured: 

    Jewish Community Relations Council of NY
    225 West 34th Street
    New York, NY 10122

    Global Security Risk Management LLC
    232 School Road East
    Marlboro, NJ 07746
    Your insurance broker can supply you with these certificates. Email  both copies of your Certificate of Insurance, including the name of your organization and the word “Insurance” in the filename to:
  4. Proof of current Document Vault. Organizations applying for the New York State Securing Communities against Hate Crimes grant or the federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program grant must be “prequalified” and their Document Vault must be current.  Too many groups wait until the last minute and some don’t prequalify in time. Before we schedule an assessment we will require groups to show that they are prequalified by sending their “Status Report” to: If your organization is prequalified you can email your current report to us (see how here). If you are not prequalified, do so immediately. See JCRC-NY’s additional information about how to get started and special instructions for religious corporations at: If your Document Vault is complete and you need help retrieving your Status Report see the tutorial here

We will send confirmation emails to organizations that have submitted all of the required information.