Organization Assessment Intake To-do List

By following these instructions, you will expedite the completion of your assessment. This information was also included in the email from

Remember, no assessments will be scheduled until we receive three items:

  • Fill in the Pre-assessment checklist form below and click “Send”;
  • Open your copy of the contract that was attached to the email from . Please fill in the name of your organization and your address on the first page and type in the “signature” of the authorized signer and their title on the fourth page. Save a copy of your contract, including the name of your organization and the word “Contract” in the filename. Send the contract to:
  • Your Certificate of Insurance naming the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, 225 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10122 and Global Security Risk Management LLC, 232 School Road East, Marlboro, NJ 07746 as additional named insured. Your insurance broker can supply you with this certificate Send a copy of your Certificate of Insurance, including the name of your organization and the word “Insurance” in the filename. Send the Certificate of Insurance to:

Note: Organizations eligible for the NYS Securing Communities against Hate Crimes grants should submit all of the required information before November 21, 2018 so that we can prioritize their assessments to help them meet the December 19, 2018 deadline. Assessments for organizations that are not eligible for the state grant will be scheduled as time permits.

One final reminder. In order to apply for the New York State Securing Communities against Hate Crimes grant or the federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program grant your organization must be prequalified and your Document Vault must be current. Check out Tutorials and JCRC-NY’s tips here.

We will send confirmation emails to organizations that have submitted all of the required information.