Investment Justification Guidance

Overview. The Investment Justification (IJ) is the key component of the security grant application and it is the only element reviewed by the DHS in Washington. The IJ is similar to those used in previous grant cycles.It must be completed using a supplied, Excel worksheet. The spreadsheet automatically takes care of formatting and charactor count issues. Submissions in any other form will not be accepted.

My organization really deserved a grant … why didn’t we get it? The most important skill is to carefully read and follow the directions. Organizations were disqualified if they did not attach required documents (mission statements, risk assessments and status report from the Grants Gateway) and/or received lowered scores if they did not thoroughly answer the questions in theInvestment Justification. JCRC’s advice is to use the Scoring Worksheet to "grade" your Investment Justification answers: FY 2015 Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) Scoring Worksheet.

Applicants able to clearly interrelate their answers to the background, risk, target hardening and impact sections – showing that they understand their risks, threats and vulnerabilities and will address them through their purchases (target hardening) using the grant – have the highest likelihood of success.

Each of the seven sections (there is an additional bonus question) sets forth exact space requirements. Use the supplied Investment Justification Excel worksheet. Remember: the instructions on the Investment Justification Worksheet are the final word and override anything on this website.

There are often several questions within each section:

  • Answers should be concise, to the point and responsive to the questions.
  • Use the space allotted strategically.
  • No question should be left blank.
  • Complete answers will be rated higher than partial answers. Partial answers will be rated higher than no answer.
  1. Applicant Information
  2. Background
  3. Risk: Threats, Vulnerabilities & Potential Consequences
  4. Target Hardening
  5. Milestones
  6. Project Management
  7. Impact
  8. Bonus. Due to the competitive nature of this program, preference will be given to nonprofit organizations that have not received prior years funding. Applicants that have not received NSGP funding in the past will receive an additional one bonus point to their total State application score at the time of submission to FEMA.

Click on the link for each section above for specific tips on completing the IJ.