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Tracking Sandy: Tropical Trouble Could Become Menace to Northeast

The forecasters are crunching a lot of data, but there is the possibility of a sprawling storm at the beginning of next week.

It is unlikely that this storm will have the same impact as last year’s, Irene. However, there is the likelihood of heavy rains, high winds and downed trees. There’s no reason to panic, but what should you be doing now?

  1. Pay attention. Most news sources are covering the storm’s progress. As the storm works its way up the coast there will be more information and specific recommendations. Have a battery-operated and/or crank radio. Most weather apps for smart phones relay severe weather alerts. Install one and adjust the settings to let you know when something is happening.
  2. Check if you have the right supplies.
    1. Power outages. These storms often cause power outages. Are you prepared? See JCRC-NY’s Power Outages 101 for Jewish Organizations (PDF) for suggestions and tips. Stock up on flashlight batteries and make sure that your cell phones are fully charges (and think about having a spare battery).
    2. Food. You might not be able to get out for a few days and local stores may not get their regularly scheduled deliveries.
  3. Batten the hatches. Items left outside can become airborne in high winds. Either bring them inside or make sure that they are secured.
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