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Active shooters, again and again

JCRC, UJA-Federation and the Jewish Education Project will join with the NY Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services and NYPD SHIELD for a half day session on “Active Shooters in Schools: Protecting Our Children”. Stay tuned for details.

The following recommendations were circulated in July. They are the basis for sound planning.

Recommendations (scroll down for resources)
There are no perfect solutions, but planning and training can mitigate active shooter incidents. The first step is maintaining good access control. Keeping someone who wants to do harm outside is the best way of protecting those inside.

  • Evacuate: Building occupants should evacuate the facility if safe to do so; evacuees should leave behind their belongings, visualize their entire escape route before beginning to move, and avoid using elevators or escalators.
  • Hide: If evacuating the facility is not possible, building occupants should hide in a secure area (preferably a designated shelter location), lock the door, blockade the door with heavy furniture, cover all windows, turn off all lights, silence any electronic devices, lie on the floor, and remain silent.
  • Take Action: If neither evacuating the facility nor seeking shelter is possible, building occupants should attempt to disrupt and/or incapacitate the active shooter by throwing objects, using aggressive force, and yelling.
  • Other considerations?
    • Train building occupants to call 911 as soon as it is safe to do so.
    • Train building occupants on how to respond when law enforcement arrives on scene.
    • follow all official instructions, remain calm, keep hands empty and visible at all times, and avoid making sudden or alarming movements.


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