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Outrage against Williamsburg mezuzah arsons

Posted on April 09, 2013

BHa1JB8CAAAK47RA host of officials turned out this morning in support of the Williamsburg Jewish community to decry the burning of 11 mezuzot there.

David Pollock offered the following statement:

Williamsburg is a community of faith and the mezuzot affixed outside our doors represent our faith in the spiritual protection divinely promised to our ancestors in Egypt and extended to us throughout the centuries. No vandal, however filled with hate, could ever undermine that.

The fact that the vandals chose to strike on Holocaust Remembrance Day is especially horrifying. The physical protection of New York’s Jewish community is safeguarded by the NYPD. The Hate Crimes Task Force joined with the local precinct in order to muster every appropriate resource for the investigation. We have faith that they will apprehend those responsible so that they may face the full weight of our criminal justice system.

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