Mission Statement, Goals & Purposes

Our Mission Statement

The mission of JCRC-NY is to proactively advocate for and ensure the rights, interests, and values of the New York Jewish community.


JCRC-NY protects and ensures the continuity and vitality of the diverse metropolitan area Jewish community while serving New Yorkers of all backgrounds and faiths.

Our Purposes

JCRC-NY serves as the central coordinating and resource body for the Jewish community in the metropolitan New York area in the community relations field and is an active force in New York civic and communal life. JCRC-NY operates as a coordinating body to foster joint and cooperative action among its members and other organizations to:

  • Promote equality of opportunity and full civil rights and civil liberties for Jewish and all other racial, religious and ethnic groups in New York.
  • Encourage amicable relationship, mutual understanding and respect among the various groups in New York.
  • Help create and maintain conditions that are conducive to encouraging the continuity and vitality of Jewish living in a pluralistic society.
  • Protect and strengthen the rights and interests of the Jewish community in New York.
  • Combat anti-Semitism and every other form of racism or group prejudice.
  • Develop an intelligent and effective public opinion within and outside the Jewish community on Jewish community relations issues, problems, concerns and commitments.
  • Provide fora for Jewish communal leadership to exchange views with key local, national and global public officials and opinion molders.

Central to the focus of JCRC-NY are matters of concern to the Jewish community in the New York metropolitan area – including local matters, regional and national issues, and community relations activities related to Israel and other international Jewish concerns. JCRC-NY’s policies on Israel and other international concerns are set to be consistent with positions determined by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

As a representative organization of New York’s diverse Jewish community, the agenda of JCRC-NY is a catalog of Jewish activities, issues, and programs reflecting the concerns, needs and aspirations of our community. Local, national and international events, the concerns of our member organizations, and coordination with our national organizations, help shape the priorities of JCRC-NY. Emphasis is placed on joint planning to maximize available resources and benefit from sharing information and expertise as well as fostering cooperative efforts. This spirit of cooperation and accommodation permeates the deliberations of JCRC-NY, which has served as a forum to bring together the various viewpoints and constituencies that make up our community.

In fulfilling these responsibilities, JCRC-NY:

  • Acts as a central spokes-organization for the Jewish community on communal relations matters
  • Serves as the focal point for community action in times of crisis.