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FEMA Communications: November 8

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FEMA Announcements

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After #Sandy: Preserving books, heirlooms and memories

Among the ruins left in #Sandy’s path are precious photographs and sacred books. The Library of Congress has a webpage here devoted to the immediate response actions that can be taken to save affected materials and prevent further damage, including:

After #Sandy: Rockland and Westchester included

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that #Westchester and #Rockland counties have been added to the Major Disaster declaration. Both counties have been designated for Individual Assistance and Public Assistance Category A and B, as well as DFA Direct Federal Assistance. #NYGov. Cuomo  Residents should follow the steps in After #Sandy: Recovery 101 to access assistance.


Disaster mental health guidance

Our friend Ali Gheith, MS, CEM, (Coordinator of Population Based Resilience at the Office of Mental Health Disaster Preparedness & Response, NYC Dept. Of Health And Mental Hygiene) sent us these helpful tip sheets:

Please help communicate the information provided in these sheets to the people you are serving. One additional tip:

Don’t forget to take care of yourselves. These are stressful times and we have lots of people depending on us. We won’t be any good to them if we aren’t functioning at a high level.

For additional information contact Ali at