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Report on the Jews in Haiti

There are no reform or conservative shuls in Haiti and no Chabad presence. Reports from JDC are that the 7 Jews residents in Haiti are safe. Haaretz reports that even as an Israeli rescue team to preparing to depart for the disaster-stricken country, eight Israelis remained unaccounted for in Haiti, among them the daughter of late Israeli peace activist Abie Nathan. The rescue team includes elite army corps engineers and medical corps ready to deploy field hospital, the Israeli consulate in New York reported.

Rabbi Shimon Pelman, the Chabad Schaliach in the Dominican Republic (on the western half of the same island, three hours drive from the earthquake location) heads the Jewish organization to closest to Haiti. He also reports that there was no damage to the small Jewish community in Haiti. Rabbi Pelman is working in conjunction with the Israeli ambassador and others in the region. He will be meeting incoming Israeli delegation with the Israeli Consul General in Santo Domingo at the airport.

Rabbi Pelman contacted most of the Jews (some were fortunately were out of town), but not all. Hopefully the JDC information about them is correct.If anyone needs assistance please be in contact with him directly:

Rabbi Shimon Pelman, office (it’s an NY number) 718-504-1990, Cell (us number) 1-829-341-2770
Email Chabaddominican@gmail.com or http://www.chabadominican.com/

Rabbi Mendel Sharfstein at Lubavitch Headquarters in Brooklyn is coordinating relief efforts with  the Shluchim of that region,  if anyone needs additional assistance he can be reached at 718-774-4000, msharfstein@lubavitch.com.

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