Crash Course on Israel Studies

The Course

The Faculty Engagement Program offers a four-day Crash Course on Israel Studies for faculty members each winter recess. The course is geared towards faculty who want to increase their capacity to discuss, research, and teach about Israel.  Throughout the course, participating faculty meet with leading scholars for sessions on various issues related to Israel and the greater Jewish world. Participants are able to meet colleagues from their city who are dealing with similar topics and challenges on their respective campuses and in their classrooms. Participants receive an academic certificate at the end of the course and have reported that the course will not only directly influence their teachings, but will also influence their research agendas as well. Thus far, we have held three four-day academic “crash courses” on Israel Studies during academic winter break sessions. These were attended by 45 professors.

The course is a collaboration with the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies at Brandeis University.

Past Speakers: Ilan Troen, David Ellenson, Michael S. Miller, Rachel Fish, Peter Beinart, Yehuda Mirsky, Ilana Szobel, Steven Bayme, Jonathan Gribetz, Thair Abu Rass, J.J. Goldberg, Lior Lehrs, Shahar Sadeh, Mikhal Dekel, Hussein Ibish, Shimon Dotan and Shai Feldman.

Past Course Programs, Israel: Balance and Complexity

January 2018

January 2017

January 2016


    • There was just so much that I was able to take away. I gained knowledge, awareness of many debates, a keener understanding of different subject positions and biases.”
    • One of the most rewarding things about the seminar was the friends I made — probably the most genuine intellectual collegiate relationships in the last 20 years at CUNY”
    • “The program encouraged me to pursue a visiting professorship or some sort of academic exchange connected to Israel. Also, I will undoubtedly incorporate some of what I have learned into my courses. . .  My university has mostly anti-Israel academics. I have frequently been called upon to defend Israel. This course strengthened my ability to perform that role . . “

For more information contact:  Dr. Shahar Sadeh, Director, Faculty Engagement Program

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