1. Timing. The US Department of Homeland Security released its guidance for the 2011 Nonprofit Security Grant Program and applications from nonprofit organizations are due to be submitted to state authorities by 11:59 PM on June 9, 2011. The New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (NYS DHSES) and the lead agencies in other states may be able to slightly alter the due date, but that remains to be determined.
  2. New webinar date. The JCRC has sponsored trainings annually and those following the JCRC suggestions have a high success rate. The information provided will include tips on how to complete the Investment Justification and an introduction to the New York E-Grant application process.The JCRC webinar will now be scheduled for Monday, May 23rd at 1PM. We will assume that all who reserved for the old date will join us for this online webinar. Based on input from past participants, we are offering this session exclusively over the internet. Information applicable to all eligible applicants will be presented at the beginning of the webinar, followed by NY-specific guidance. You can reserve here.
  3. Eligibility. This year, DHS reduced the number of eligible urban areas (31 eligible Urban Areas in 2011 vs. 64 in 2010). New York City, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties remain eligible, other counties in New York State are not eligible. For a complete list click here.
  4. Non-recipients will have an advantage. The most significant change this coming year is that preference will be given to nonprofit organizations that have not received prior years’ funding. That doesn’t mean that past grantees cannot apply. However, they will be at a slight competitive disadvantage.
  5. No local match required this year. The local match (25% of total project costs) will remain voluntary for FY2011. This voluntary nature will be neutral in the scoring process. Making the contribution will not create a preference, and declining to contribute will not count against an application. However, where a local match can be made, it should be made, as it will save limited resources and enable additional applicants to secure grants.
  6. Equipment. The Authorized Equipment List seems to be the same as last year. Check it out here.
  7. Citizen Corps Council. Once again nonprofit applicants are required to join the Citizen Corps Council. NYC OEM is trying to streamline the process as much as possible.Organizations wishing to join the Communication Network should visit www.NYC.gov/citizencorps and click on the link for the Communication Network. Any questions can be sent to Justin Land at citizencorps@oem.nyc.gov or by phone at 718-422-8902. We are in the process of confirming the how to apply Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester.
  8. New Investment Justification form. This year applicants will be required to use a specific MS Excel 2003 Template. The Template does not seem to be posted at this time, but you can learn more about it here.

We are continuing to review the official guidance for more information. New York State applicants should rely on the official application package published by NYS DHSES. For further information contact Dov Horwitz at horwitzd@jcrcny.org. You may obtain FY2010 guidance from the JCRC at www.jcrcny.org/securitygrants and the Jewish Federations of North America at: www.jewishfederations.org/homelandsecurity.