Timing: Yes, everyone is frustrated and we still don’t know when US DHS will release the guidance document for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program. Best guess: third of fourth week of May. New York DHSES will release its application documents soon thereafter. As soon as the guidance is released we will schedule a training session.

What you can do now: If you are thinking of applying for a grant we strongly suggest that you have all of the materials for your Investment Justification (your vulnerability assessment and the answers to the questions on the 2012 Investment Justification) ready to submit when the New York Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services releases the official Request for Applications. We will alert you regarding any changes in the 2013 Investment Justification and you will be able to easily cut and past your answers into the 2013 spreadsheet.

Any changes in the status of the grants will be posted in the JCRC-NY Security and Emergency Planning Blog. Click here to subscribe to the JCRC-NY Security and Emergency Preparedness Alert list in order to receive ongoing alerts and updates, including information on grants.