Short answer, we don’t know. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security cannot formally announce any grant program before there is a federal budget and Congress gave itself up to April 28, 2017 to come to an agreement. Both the House and the Senate included the program in their appropriations, but they must still work out the funding level of the program (We want it raised to $25 million.). It could be that the grant deadline is only days, rather than weeks, after the grant announcement, so get started now! 

We don’t expect many changes in the application process this year. Our best advice, complete all of the preliminary steps below and a draft of your application (known as the “Investment Justification” or “IJ”) as soon as possible. If there are any changes, you will be able to concentrate on the changes.

One final piece of advice. If you think that your organization is at high risk because of ideology-based/spiritual/religious reasons, think about how you would document them, especially if you follow mission implementing policies or practices that may elevate your risk. If you are a religious corporation, the answer is clear. If not, there may be an opportunity to document the risk.

NSGP 2017

Prequalification NY nonprofits should register at &
complete their Document Vault . See JCRC-NY’s additional
information at: .If your nonprofit was previously prequalified, you will still have to update certain documents or your document vault is expired. Check our your document vault for more information.
E-Grant registration If you have an existing account (and remember the
username/password), you’re fine; to register for the DHSES E-Grant system, email:
Risk assessment Find guidance and contacts at: and JCRC-NY’s guide to security consultants here.There are some self-assessment tools available. Check out:

Investment Justification The 2017 forms are not ready. Download the 2016 Investment Justification here to see what the applications looks like. Just make sure that the
For the most up-to-date info
Questions? Click here to send questions about the grant program.